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We Offer Time & Attendance, HR & Payroll, Call Tracking, Faxing and Internet Based Solutions.


Our solutions are different and better than what others offer. By better we mean they have features that others simply don’t have, at a very affordable price. And we are ready to prove it. Try Us.


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Time & Attendance

·          Graphs – Read Less/Learn More

·          Details When Needed

·          Reduces Work, Improves Accuracy

·          Easy To Use, But Secure

·          Setup Company Policies

·          Automatic Email Of Critical Information

·          Ready For Payroll Attendance

·          Cost Centre Wise Information

·          Multi-User With Configurable Privileges

·          Solves Real Problems

·          Works With More than 40 Types of Readers

·          Highly Configurable

·          Auto Deductions, Rounding Offs, Roster Scheduling and More


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HR & Payroll

·          Employee Profile With Basic Information

·          Fixed Earnings & Deductions

·          OT calculations

·          WPS SIF File Creation

·          WPS Cover Letter

·          Multiple SIF File Creation

·          Payslip Printing & Emailing

·          Employee Document Management & Alerts (PP, Visa, D/L, EID etc)

·          Company Document Management (License, Car Registration etc)

·          Leave, Tickets, Gratuity Maintenance

·          Attendance, leave, Loans Monthly Details

·          Multi-Company, Multi-User


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Call Tracking & Accounting

·          Record Extension Number, Phone Number, Date, Time and Duration of All Calls

·          Panasonic, NEC, Nortel, Samsung, Avaya PBX interface

·          All Reports Can Be Scheduled For Emailing

·          All Reports Can Be Filtered

·          Export Data In Excel Format

·          Costliest Calls Report, Longest Calls Report, Extension Wise Details Report, Special Number Reports

·          Unanswered Calls Report, Ring Analysis, User Statistics, Trunk Lines Analysis

·          Data Export to Excel


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